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The Trust Conspiracy - A Bolshevik Deception
The Trust Conspiracy
A Bolshevik Deception
© 2008
114 pages; 11 chapters
The Bolsheviks (Marxists, communists, socialists, leftists) have been the evil
purveyors of modern feudalism and mass murder for nearly a hundred years.
During that time they have always found eager subordinates who fanatically
take up the
Bolshevik sword and willingly kill millions in the red quest for
power. Even now they threaten to seize America in the 2008 election. The
reds, leftists, and
Bolsheviks have always gained power by recruiting helpers,
many of whom were dupes who eagerly swallowed the sputum of the most
obvious communist deceptions.
The Trust Conspiracy is an e-book that
reveals in grim detail a classic
Bolshevik deception. The methods employed
by the main communist exponents of
the Trust Conspiracy are still being
used, and millions of dupes still buy it.
The Trust Conspiracy was the classic
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“Less obvious, though, is the extent to which Gorbachev has emulated Lenin in utilizing the Soviet security and
intelligence services in support of his economic objectives. Like Lenin, Gorbachev has charged the Soviet security and
intelligence services, under specific Politburo direction, with promoting the notions in the West that communism is a failed
ideology rapidly withering; that communism, and communist party-states, no longer pose a threat to the Western
democracies; that internal Soviet developments should not be opposed by the West, but rather actively assisted through
the extension of aid, trade and commercial credits; that Soviet initiatives to lessen international tensions are being made
to ease economic pressures that are slowing economic restructuring rather than to provide relief for an embattled regime
on the edge of crisis; and that what the West wants to believe, specifically, that the Soviet Union is rapidly evolving into a
normal nation-state, even a democracy, is true. In addition, Gorbachev, like Lenin, realizes there are risks to openness
and economic and military changes so he too is relying heavily upon the Soviet security and intelligence services to
contain political dissidence and nationalist impulses internally, and to disrupt, preemptively or otherwise, their tenuous
linkages with external sources of support, particularly within émigré circles abroad.
These similarities, however, are so striking as to be misleading if not taken in context and examined with great care. Here
the danger lies in the natural tendency to emphasize the similarities of the NEP and perestroika/glasnost, and the Soviet
security and intelligence services' operations associated with both, at the expense of the equally striking differences
which separate them. To understand the Trust and the current Soviet active measures campaign accompanying the
current changes in the Soviet and Bloc states, then, it is important to understand that while these operations are
extraordinarily similar, they are not identical.”
Excerpt from The Trust Conspiracy
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The Trust Conspiracy - A Bolshevik Deception
communist deception carried out for the same reasons as always: to obtain money, to destroy enemies, and to exultantly
make chumps of the fat and foolish.
The Trust Conspiracy and deceptions like it were good enough to obtain covert
American funding of the USSR from the 1920s until the 1990s, when the great President Ronald Reagan shut down the US
money streams of taxpayer money constantly flowing into communist coffers. The spigot of life-giving money was turned off
until America’s second Marxist president, Bill Clinton came in and opened up US taxpayer funding of Red China. The principles
the Trust Conspiracy are still working. Whether you are that one in a million savvy Americans or one of the millions of what
Lenin called, “useful idiots, “ there is something for you in
The Trust Conspiracy. It will leave you panting in shock and anger.