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Third Reich Coup Dí Etat  - German Staff Officers' Conspiracy
Third Reich Coup D’ Etat
German Staff Officers' Conspiracy
© 2008
106 pages; 9 chapters, 1 appendix and 1 special report
All of the modern history books which focus on the Third Reich Coup D’ Etat, or the
20th of July plot by von Stauffenberg and his fellow traitors, are loaded with leftist
lies. The consortium of traitors who launched
Third Reich Coup D’ Etat had carried
out four to five years of treasonous sabotage before their actions culminated in
Reich Coup D’ Etat on 20 July 1944
. The sabotage carried out by the cabal of
German Army traitors from 1938-1944 actually cost Germany the war. Of course,
that fact is totally ignored by the so-called modern World War II “historians” who do
nothing but repeat the original litany of lies that originated in the Soviet Union so
many years ago. As a measure of the felonious deception knowingly perpetrated by
American “historians” is their decades-long witch-hunt against any writers who tell the
truth about the
Third Reich Coup D’ Etat. Crooked leftist propagandists have
rewritten the history of World War II to the extent that they glorify
German Army
as heroes, while minimizing their role by suppressing every shred of
evidence to just how much damage they really perpetrated.
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It was clear from the beginning that the attempt had to be made in such a manner as to assure absolute certainty of
success, since an unsuccessful attempt would destroy the entire enterprise. And it was axiomatic that the attempt must be
carried out as soon as possible, since time only brought a further deterioration in the political and economic position of
Germany. Moreover, with the passing of each day there was an ever-increasing danger that the conspiracy might be
Many ideas were developed and discarded. One plan was to have a reliable unit imprison Hitler during his visit to the
headquarters of Army Group Center in Smolensk and then to eliminate him. For this purpose there was a suitable unit at
hand in the newly established Cavalry Regiment "Center," and a suitable leader in its commander, Major Freiherr von
Boeselager (later killed on the Eastern Front).
An assassination by pistol-was ruled out because there was no assurance that Hitler would be hit; besides, it was
generally believed that Hitler always wore a bulletproof vest. Tresckow finally decided on a bombing attempt.”
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Excerpt from Third Reich Coup D’ Etat
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Third Reich Coup Dí Etat of 20 July 1944
Third Reich Coup D’ Etat is a unique e-book because it introduces the concept of the Third Reich Coup D’ Etat, which is
reinforced with chapters that define the essence of the
Coup D’ Etat. Such explanations facilitate the readers’ perspective,
not only as it might relate to the size of the traitors’ long-term treachery, but also why the plot should be called an attempted
coup d’ etat. Actual notes from the German Army traitors, who participated in the Coup D’ Etat of 20 July 1944, were
used in the research of this book.