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Third Reich ICBMs
Third Reich ICBMs
Allied Anti-V Weapons, Crossbow Campaign
© 2008
143 pages; 8 chapters, 4 appendices
Third Reich ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) is an e-book about
Germany’s invention of
ICBMs. Both V1 and V2 rockets are discussed in Third
Reich ICBMs
, as well as the British RAF’s Crossbow Campaign to destroy
all of the
Third Reich ICBM launch sites and logistics infrastructures. The
Third Reich’s development of ICBMs and other miracle weapons marked
Third Reich as being nearly a century ahead of all other nations in military
technology. Since 1945, every new American technological and weapons
innovation is simply a copy of German technology. America’s ruling elite is
turning loose a few German inventions per year so as not to advance
civilization too fast. In the meantime, the file on
Third Reich ICBMs is one that
includes many German wonder weapons, such as workable flying saucers and
other science fiction gadgets too strange to believe.
Third Reich ICBMs is the
first of a series of several QuikManeuvers.com e-books to come of the
wondrous world of
Third Reich miracle weapons.
Review Table of Contents
"Altogether more than 5,000 V-2s were built during the war. More than 4,300 were launched between Sept. 6, 1944, and
Mar. 27, 1945, against London and southeastern England, Antwerp, and other targets.  There was no defense against
the V2, which, after stopping the engine, became solely the subject of gravity and came down at appoximately Mach 5.
Directional control was achieved during the launch phase, using gyroscopes and servos controlling graphite rudders in
the rocket jet.
Can you imagine what would have happened if 1,000 V2s, each carrying a ton of explosives, had been targeted against
the Normandy Bridgehead and the invasion fleet? At least 400 of them would have hit targets and the invasion fleet would
have been destroyed.
If 1300 more V2s were unleashed against the Soviet hordes drawn up along the Sandomierz Bridgehead in Poland, the
Soviet Front there would have been annihilated.  Then 2,000 more could have devastated enemy headquarters supply
facilities and troop concentrations. The Red Army and the allies would be slowed down enough for German development
of other wonder weapons including forty small nuclear mines to be detonated in Eastern Poland, right among the
advancing Red Army Fronts.
Instead of being wasted against England, the V2 rockets could have won the war in Europe, and with modifications, V2
ICBMs would have soon been winging their way to Washington and Moscow with small nuclear payloads, which the
Germans were developing."
Excerpt from Third Reich ICBMs
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Third Reich ICBMs - Germany’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles