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Third Reich Seydlitz Traitors of Soviet Intelligence and NKVD
Third Reich Seydlitz Traitors, WW2
External German Traitor Organizations
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340 pages; 19 chapters, 10 appendixes and 1 special report
During World War Two there were many German traitors at high levels within the German
Army and Wehrmacht
. There were three major groupings of German traitors who worked day
and night to sabotage the German war effort:
Traitor generals inside Germany; German
traitors inside Germany controlled by Soviet intelligence (NKVD)
; German traitors
outside Germany controlled by Soviet intelligence
. German traitors outside Germany
consisted of several thousand communist German POWs who were managed by a gang of
traitorous German Army generals led by General von Sedylitz. He was a communist puppet
who took orders from the
NKVD as he officiated over the Sedylitz army, thousands of German
who, dressed in German Army uniforms, infiltrated and subverted or murdered German
troops. Late in the war, the
Sedylitz Army fielded combat battalions that fought against Germany
on the frontline. The
Sedylitz traitors fought for soviet intelligence (NKVD) and against
Third Reich Sedylitz Traitors is the story of that group of German traitors who
served the USSR
during World War Two and ran communist East Germany after the war.
Review Table of Contents
“On 12-13, July 1943,  a group of traitorous German officers led by Walther von Seydlitz engineered the establishment of
the national committee " free Germany". The process of establishment of that Soviet puppet organization took place in
Krasnogorsk in or near Moscow, on the initiative of the USSR. The leftist writer Erich Weinert, was selected to be
president of the NKFD. The communist Walter Ulbricht was a joint founder of the pro-Soviet-communist organization.
During the summer of 1943, after the loss of Kursk, General Walther von Seydlitz entered into more intimate negotiations
with German communists and the Red Army Political branch. The result was the formation of the Bund-Deutscher-
Offiziere, the German Officers League or BDO, on the 11th and 12th of September 1943, under the leadership of
Seydlitz. It contained a number of officers from the 6th Army, including the former commander of the 389th Infantry
Division Generalmajor Lattmann, and Generalmajor Dr. Korfes, former commander of the 295th Infantry Division. Well
known Field Marshal Frederich Von Paulus would join later on, all of whom enabled the BDO to make a personal
approach to the Germans at the front. There was thus a connection of the BDO to the national committee as well as the
establishment of a joint working group with the NKFD.
The subversive activities of the NKFD licensed traitorous German generals and other officers to come out of the closet,
admit their previous sabotage of German military operations and embrace the communists. The new German POW
puppet groups were like a magnet to traitorous German generals.
Lieutenant General Vincenz Mueller gave himself up to be voluntarily imprisoned, on 22 July 1944. He brought along with
him 17 generals to the former army group center on 8 July 1944. Those traitor generals came with the collapse of the
German front into Soviet control and explained their voluntarism as a response to the call of the NKFD. One of the front
organizations of the NKFD also worked in the hinterland of the German front. One of its most prominent members was
field marshal Paulus who sabotaged the defense of Stalingrad. On 8 August 1944, the former commander in chief of the
Stalingrad army explained his break with Hitler and joined the NKFD. After the collapse of other German fronts in the
Soviet Union more German generals in betrayed Germany and heeded the calls of the NKFD. So for example on 6
December 1944, German traitor generals put out the propaganda "call of the 50 generals" advising the German people
and armed forces to separate themselves from Hitler and surrender.”
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Excerpt from Third Reich Seydlitz Traitors, World War Two
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