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Torture: Pain Dialectics
Torture: Pain Dialectics
Leftist Hypocrites and Reality
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256 pages; 16 chapters and 4 appendixes
Torture: Pain Dialectics is the only e-book of its kind produced in modern
Torture: Pain Dialectics not only traces torture's history, but explains
why torture works, explains how people are tortured, and confronts the traitors
who fight the use of torture (it's alright for other nations to practice it, but not
the USA).
Torture: Pain Dialectics is well illustrated with many drawings,
some current and some dating from medieval times. America is now regressing
into medieval feudalism and terror of the Moslem-communist typology. That is
Torture: Pain Dialectics will interest many who are wondering: “What am
I and my family 'in for' in future America?” The answers are grim, as the 'Law of
the Jungle' has already supplanted the last honest fabrics of this pseudo-
nation. So wipe your tears, strip your gears, and confront your fears.
Pain Dialectics
is the first 21st Century guidebook to hell. Consider it a
modified explanation of the modern American
Malleus Maleficarum in this age
of Ragnarok.
"The Gestapo pretended that it was quick to torture. Yet, most information was freely given by people who were only
terrified of torture. They gave up their secret information because of the threat of torture. That threat was real to them
because every now and then the Gestapo tortured someone, and then let him go to spread the fear. Everyone in Gestapo
prisons heard screaming and cries of pain, and observed people being dragged off to torture. Yet it was a deception.
Recordings were used to convince prisoners, and in most cases torture was unnecessary. It was a World War and the
future of the German people was at stake. The Gestapo used any means necessary to protect their people. Most modern
people who hate Germany deeply, prefer to ignore the fact that the Gestapo's main purpose in interrogation was to obtain
information. Torture by communists and muslim sadists, however, was frequently undertaken simply for enjoyment and
terror, not to gather information."
Excerpt from Torture: Pain Dialectics
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Torture: Pain Dialectics