Traitors E Books For Sale
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Traitors E Books For Sale
Traitors E Books For Sale
Traitors E-Books
Al Qaeda Terror Training Manual
Secrets of Al Qaeda Terrorism

American Vietnam War Traitors
How Traitorous Leftist Politicians, Media and the Democratic Party
Sabotaged America During The Vietnam War

Anti-Partisan Operations in WW2 Croatia
Defensive Tactics and Defeat

US State Department Disloyalty and Incompetence

Backstabbing, Coup D’Etat
US Traitor Generals

Bureaucrat Generals
Corrupt, Incompetent & Traitorous US Generals

Communist-Black Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing
White Middle and Working Classes are Genocide Targets

Espionage Manual #18 - Communist Spy Webs
Red Apparats, Germany

Esp. Man. #41 - What We Learned From Spies
Coping in Communist America

FBI Communist Muslimism
FBI’s Infragard Informant System

FBI Counterespionage Failure
Chinese Communist Outsmart the Bumbling FBI

FBI Treason Conspiracy
Muslim Subversion and FBI Treachery

Generals Gone Bad
Corrupt, Incompetent & Traitorous US Generals

German 12th Infantry Division
Subverted By Traitors, WW2

German Army Anti-Partisan Operations
Tactics and Operational Art in WW2 Balkans

Germany’s Antitank Weakness
High Command Tactical Level Sabotage

How Traitors Betrayed Rhodesia
Backstabbing in Africa

Incompetent Generals
How US Generals Failed in Vietnam

Incompetent Generals of Gulf War I
The Gulf War I Cover Up

Inside Special Operations Forces
Elite Reconnaissance/Diversionary Spearheads

Inside the German General Staff
Wehrmacht General Staff Sabotage

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
US Army’s IPB, Defective Crutch for Amateurs

Iranian Human Wave
Iraq-Iran War 1980-88

Japanese Counterinsurgency, WW2
Ruthless, Effective Japanese Tactics

Leftist Feudalism, America
Who Controls America

Moles and Amateurs
US Vietnam Warfighting Strategy

Organizational Weapon I
How to Organize Resistance

The Panzer General was a Traitor
116th Panzer Division 1944-45

Psychopolitical Brainwashing
Synthesis of the Soviet Textbook on Psychopolitics

Red Intelligence: Vietnam War
Communist Vietnam War Espionage

Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2
Free China Fights Shanghai Communists

Smashing Constitutional Rights
Obamanation’s Population Control

Soviet Analysis of US Bombing Operations
How Russians Predicted US Operational Patterns

Spy Report, KGB
A CIA Agent Neutralized

Stalingrad, Cover-Up
German War Correspondents Skew Facts

Stauffenberg: General Staff Traitor
Operation Valkyrie Treason

Third Reich Coup D’ Etat
German Staff Officers' Conspiracy

Third Reich Seydlitz Traitors, WW2
External German Traitor Organizations

Tradecraft Primer: US Intelligence
CIA Amateur Methods Replace HUMINT

Traitors in the CIA
Traditional Incompetence or Disloyalty?

Traitors of the Third Reich
Why Germany Lost World War II

US Intelligence: Vietnam War
Incompetent Espionage

US Traitors Sabotaged USAF and Navy
Russians and US Traitors Corrupted US Air Power

Wehrmacht Radio Interception
German Military SIGINT, WW2

Winter of the Corpses
Why the Wehrmacht was Defeated at Moscow

Women Spies
From the Okhrana to the Abwehr
Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage
No books about war, espionage or other human struggles can
afford to ignore the key roles played by traitors in all western
nations. Modern America, for example, is riddled with leftist,
afroracist and other psychotic traitors. In addition, there are
millions of dangerous war criminals living in the USA that are not
citizens, but they are traitors to the nation that has fed their
parasitism. Traitors category is another
totally unique aspect of investigative reporting available only
from our catalog of 300+ e-books. has not
limited itself to studying American, Canadian and European
traitors, but also provides numerous e-books on how large,
influential traitor minorities brought down French Algeria, the
Third Reich, the Union of South Africa and Rhodesia.
Military Traitors, Political Traitors E Books
Military Traitors, Political Traitors E Books
Military Traitors, Political Traitors E Books
Military Traitors, Political Traitors E Books
Military Traitors, Political Traitors E Books
Military Traitors, Political Traitors E Books
Military Traitors, Political Traitors E Books
Military Traitors, Political Traitors E Books
Military Traitors, Political Traitors E Books
Traitors in the CIA