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United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), red diaper baby and left wing media
Traitors in the CIA
Traditional Incompetence or Disloyalty?
© 2009
170 pages; 8 chapters and 1 appendix
Traitors in the CIA examines the question as to whether or not the United States Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA)
has been the world’s most incompetent intelligence agency, or
a taxpayer funded agency of traitors and saboteurs working against the USA, during the
past 45 years. There is strong evidence that the
CIA is the pawn of America’s left wing
media and the friend of left wing terrorism
. Many CIA workers are red diaper
. The evidence proves that the CIA is both incompetent and disloyal. The red diaper
babies of the
United States Central Intelligence Agency are the allies of both the left
wing media and left wing terrorism
. However, as this book establishes along with other
books in this series, the
CIA is far more traitorous than it is incompetent.
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“In early 1994, yet another in a long line of Soviet agents within the CIA was exposed. Aldrich H. Ames, career CIA
was exposed as a long time KGB mole. Aldrich H. Ames sold the KGB and its successor agency, the MBRF,
names of US agents in Russia and valuable secrets of US surveillance of the USSR during the past decade. He tipped off
Moscow to
every CIA espionage operation against the reds
in recent years, he compromised at least 12 major
operations and caused the death of at least 10 agents.
For this espionage windfall, he had received over
$3 million from the Soviets during the past few years,
more pay than any other
known Soviet mole.

The CIA began their usual damage control immediately
after the story broke in the media. They depicted Ames as "dull, unsophisticated and lackadaisical," implying that such a
man could hardly have got away with much. Then they reluctantly  admitted that he was "probably" responsible for the
deaths of numerous agents over the past ten plus years.
Aldrich H. Ames was indeed a big fish who had spent decades on the super sensitive Soviet-East Europe CIA Division,
had "debriefed" the notorious Soviet double agent Vitali Yurchenko and ruined the
CIA's Operation Courtship costing
the lives of two highly placed Soviet informers in the process. From 1983 to 1985 Ames served as chief of the Soviet
counterintelligence branch in the Soviet East Europe Division. He was a highly placed and
trusted United States Central
Intelligence Agency executive
who could communicate with Soviet embassy and espionage personnel without being
How could the CIA place in such a position of trust a man that they labeled "dull, unsophisticated and
lackadaisical"? What is the real meaning of
CIA cover-up disinformation? One thing is certain; Aldrich H. Ames type-
betrayals would be impossible if the United States Central Intelligence Agency’s red diaper babies were not the
ally of both the left wing media and left wing terrorism."
Excerpt from Traitors in the CIA
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Questions Asked About Aldrich H. Ames In The US Media: 1994
" Why did his activities go undetected for so long? "Given his GS-14
salary of $69,843, why didn't their $540,000 house and $65,000
Jaguar raise alarms? When did CIA and FBI investigators begin to
catch on? If it was as early as 1986 and no later than 1991, why did
investigators wait so long to make arrests? Most important,
there other moles burrowed within the CIA?"
Traitors in the CIA