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Third Reich Traitors, 20th of July Plot
Traitors of the Third Reich
Why Germany Lost World War II
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352 pages; 18 chapters, 2 appendixes, and 1 special report
Traitors of the Third Reich is an e-book that explains with great
thoroughness an aspect of
World War II that the West has heretofore ignored.
Hitler’s Germany in  World War II lost the war because of the large number
of traitors in their major intelligence agency, and treasonous sabotage by many
German Army generals. The collective term for that conspiracy was the 20th
of July Plot
but as Traitors of the Third Reich explains, there is far more to
it. The
Third Reich was rife with traitorous German generals working for
either the Soviets or Britain. Literally thousands of such
traitorous officers
sabotaged the German war effort
and caused the death of over a million
German soldiers.
Traitors of the Third Reich exposes the German general
traitors of the 20th of July Plot
who were, and are, guilty of greatly harming
their own people.
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“The Eastern Front's German Army Group Center Headquarters included the most powerful and well-organized traitor-
saboteur organization outside of Berlin and Paris.  They insured that every command staff, and commanding general in
German Eastern Front Army Groups, was influenced by members of the conspiracy.  The Army Group Center
were powerful enough to attempt to assassinate Hitler upon several occasions. They were engaged in continuous
subversion and sabotage of the German war effort too. In fact,
Army Group Center, 20 July Plot traitors spent so much
time coordinating assassination attempts and warfighting sabotage, that they had little time to devote to winning the war in
their sector of front. Acting as peevish little traitor-punks, many
German Eastern Front generals constantly forwarded
false, fraudulent reports regarding every aspect of their unit’s combat performance, from intelligence to logistics. Later
they blamed the inadequate decisions made on the basis of their
lying reports on “Hitler’s meglo-maniacal
.” The core and majority membership of the Third Reich’s traitors was made up of self-perceived”
aristocrats” (von = aristocrat) who vehemently and bitterly
despised Hitler’s working class origins.  
One of the traitorous cabal’s many outrageous sabotages was the formation of a huge army of Soviet prisoners of war
who were armed with German weapons and the latest equipment, at a time when regular German troops were short of
everything.  Those huge Soviet troop formations, known as the
Soviet Army of Liberation and numbering hundreds of
thousands of men, were hardly used in combat on the
Eastern Front.  In fact, they assisted the Red Army during the last
days of the war by fighting against their German masters under the notorious Russian traitor Soviet General Vlasov.  
Proving once again that "what goes around comes around," the conquering Red Army either murdered or enslaved all of
the members of the
Soviet Army Liberation that it encountered.
The conspirators in Army Group Center also held out reserve formations of the German panzers, cavalry and Soviet
Cossacks to be used as instruments of a coup d'état against the German government.  Those cavalry forces were
supposed to be used against Soviet partisans.  In fact, they trained to fight against German SS troops and army security
forces that might attempt to protect the
Third Reich's leadership.  The traitor combat units also rehearsed air transport
scenarios, which required the airlift of strong cavalry formations from Russia to Berlin, where they would be used to seize
power in the German capital.  Entire battalions of some
Eastern Front panzer divisions, as well as a regiment or two of
Grossdeutschland Panzer Division, were also earmarked for such operations. Such formations, sorely needed to
Soviet Army breakthroughs, were held back. They were being saved to fight against their own countrymen as
members of the
20 July Plot.
In 1943, Army Group Center's traitors, led by conspiracy king-pin General Henning von Trescow, deployed Cavalry
Regiment Center to assassinate Hitler
during several of his visits to the army group area.  Upon one occasion, for
example: "... Several squadrons of
Cavalry Regiment Center were deployed in… security operations; the regiment was
under the command of
Lieutenant- Colonel von Boeslager, who was in the conspiracy.  Boeslager's brother, also one
of the conspirators, was Special Missions officer to Fieldmarshal von Kluge (commander of Army Group Center).  A group
of officer's and noncommissioned officers in
Boeslager's regiment (Cavalry Regiment Center)... agreed to assassinate
Hitler by shooting him collectively as he passed their security cordon ... " “
Excerpt from Traitors of the Third Reich
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German Generals, Traitors of the Third Reich
Another often-ignored theme of Western history is the oft-repeated pattern of betrayal by traitor generals. Traitor German
is simply another aspect of that theme. Traitors of the Third Reich will leave you speechless with the feeling of
Throughout the internet, the left insanely parades President Bush as a Hitlerian traitor, a “child of the
Third Reich.” The net
has surged with a mass of such insanity which serves many purposes. Salient among the historical truths being pushed back
into the dark mists of forgetfulness by crazy accusations, are more important historical facts such as
traitors of the Third
. The persistent theme of treason and sabotage by internal traitors has dominated the West since World War I. Yet it has
been suppressed too long. Now you are invited to one aspect of
the west's traitor traditions, the traitors of the Third
Whether you are pro or anti-
Third Reich, the truth may well wash away all your tears of frustration. It is a fact that treasonous
sabotage has caused much harm since World War I.
Traitors of the Third Reich reveals yet another hidden aspect of
World War II betrayal. When you read it, you will be shocked at its revelations and you may begin to research that
theme as an embedded verity of Western history since 1900. There is
nothing heroic about being a traitor or a 20th of
July traitor of the Third Reich.