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Underground Subversive Operations
Underground Subversive Operations
Shaping Ideology and Subversion
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261 pages; 18 chapters
Underground Subversive Operations is the second volume of an exciting and
revelation-packed, two-volume e-book set that teaches exactly how to set up and
manage a
subversive underground organization. The companion to Organizing a
Subversive Underground, it explains the operational aspects of underground
subversive and insurgency warfare
. As explained in Underground Subversive
the most successful subversions and insurgencies are built upon
ideological belief systems. No nation, however strong financially or militarily,
can long survive with no self-serving
ideology. No nation is a better example of that
adage, than modern, Balkanized America where unpopular and tyrannical minorities
are in control.
Underground Subversive Operations stresses the importance of the
identification of a mass ethnic/nationalistic
ideology that facilitates the growth of two
types of front fighters: (1) strong ideologues willing to do anything to win, and (2)
intelligent, sincere and honest leadership cadres dedicated exclusively to the victory of
their cause. America’s Marxist-capitalism does not qualify as a producer of reliable
loyalists; instead it creates mercenaries. Sooner or later, a truly
subversion underground
, representing the majority, will infiltrate and eradicate any
minority-controlled multicultural mad house.
Underground Subversive Operations
explains how such ideals are obtained in that ethereal and unrelenting arena of
protracted warfare, which the world refers to as racial-cultural war.
Review Table of Contents
"After the group has been investigated, infiltrated, involved, and rallied around a common motive for fighting, it must be
impelled to take the desired mass action. This action may be in the form of protest demonstrations and parades or the
election of a new slate of local government officials. Village youths can be recruited into military units while other villagers
provide logistic support, food, intelligence, and weapons. At this "action-taking" phase the agitator truly has a captive
The agitator communicates ideas and information to the people through organizations. These organizations can be
old-established institutions (labor unions, rural cooperatives, etc.), which the agitators now control, or they can be newly
established ones. The Viet Cong, for instance, generally preferred to create new organizations for specific motivational and
control purposes. If an underground is successful in gaining control of the government, agitation operations can then
develop popular loyalty and support for the new regime. People usually lose interest in a movement when their immediate
grievances, such as the demand for land, have been satisfied. The agitator serves as a liaison between the controlling
element and the public by passing on information and directives through his regular techniques. His new themes
emphasize that apathy and opposition to the movement are wicked and hopeless."
Excerpt from Underground Subversive Operations
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