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Urban Kill Zone - Fighting Terrorists in Urban Areas
Urban Kill Zone
Fighting Terrorists in Cities
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271 pages; 13 chapters and 1 appendix
Most conventional US Army generals don’t like to
fight terrorists in urban areas
, or any place in fact.
They are oriented towards peacekeeping and
diplomacy. It’s so much less risky and requires only
patience and a lot of bull shitting. However,
terrorists have turned many middle eastern urban
areas into kill zones
. Of course, they can control such
kill zones only if they are fighting flabby and weak willed
troops who hamstring their own operations.
Urban Kill
explains how a strong, warfighting general, who
knows how to maneuver combined arms teams of tanks,
artillery, infantry and sappers, can
easily turn the
tables on the largest muslim terrorist force
“Most American conventional generals believe that surprise is impossible on their perfect billiard board battlefield where
everything is seen and known. (The fact that no such battlefield exists doesn’t influence them, since it is the only type of
battlefield that conventional officers feel comfortable with.) In 1992, for example, the US Army Command and General
Staff College School of advanced Military Studies published a monograph entitled Avoiding Surprise: The Role of
Intelligence Collection and Analysis at the Operational level of War. That publication, clearly revealing the mindset of the
top army command schools, insisted that: "...recent advances in intelligence technologies may have rendered surprise
obsolete. Many believe that 'perfect intelligence' seemingly assured by sophisticated surveillance and reconnaissance
systems, makes surprise unlikely during modern warfare. The large scale of modern operations and 'near-real-time'
information processing also makes surprise questionable." Such "thinking" is patently absurd, but a familiar refrain that
has been widely sung by America's military leaders throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  In fact, there are
no recent advances in intelligence, reconnaissance or surveillance that renders surprise obsolete. In the 1990s, surprise
followed surprise as US intelligence proved totally incompetent. Then 9-11 occurred and yet more evidence of the criminal
incompetence of US intelligence surfaced.”
Excerpt from Urban Kill Zone
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In such cases, the city fight becomes an urban kill zone where masses of terrorists are butchered. Too many US generals
worry about paying the butchers bill for enemy troops although they are willing to pay a high price in American lives in the
name of humanitarianism (a curse word for warfighters).
Urban Kill Zone is a study of a warfighting context that includes
fighting terrorists. If you want to understand how easy it is to
beat terrorists in urban areas with minimal friendly casualties,
then you must first understand that massive shock action is required. Tentative, gradual, operations that constantly wince at
the thought of collateral damage are sucker games which are irrelevant in any case, except for the wasted lives of friendly
troops and the facilitation of
unnecessary muslim terrorist victories.
Urban Kill Zone - Defeating Muslim Terrorists in Urban Areas