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US Army Regiment Annihilated - Incompetence, Chosin Reservoir, 1950 Korea
US Army Regiment Annihilated
Incompetence, Chosin Reservoir, 1950
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165 pages; 11 chapters and 9 appendices
US Army Regiment Annihilated is an e-book which describes the destruction of the
US Army 31st Regimental Combat Team at the Chosin Reservoir during the
Korean War. It is a grim tale of incompetent leadership and half-hearted war fighting.
In fact
US Army Regiment Annihilated describes how a powerful (3,500 men) US
infantry regiment equipped with its own tank company, artillery battalion, and deadly
self-propelled quad-40 Flak guns, was liquidated by half-assed Chinese communist
soldiers armed only with machine guns and mortars. In the e-book,
US Army
Regiment Annihilated
the reader will be confronted with scenes of indescribable
incompetence, which led to the butchery of over 90 percent of the American soldiers
who were so poorly led.
Review Table of Contents
“The Chinese attack on the 31stRegimental Combat Team  (RCT) on the evening of 27 November 1950 came as a
complete surprise. A major part of the Chinese ability to surprise the 31st RCT was their ability to conceal their
movements although their dark uniforms could be seen against the snow for miles. The Chinese ability to hide their
movements was directly related to the US inferiority of Reconnaissance means and savvy at the regimental level. None of
the US officers or men in the 31st RCT seemed to understand the importance of tactical reconnaissance, how it should
be carried out in their particular situation and why a few strong observation points should have been placed on the
surrounding high ground. It was as if the officers and NCOs, not knowing what to do, were sleepwalking.”
Excerpt from US Army Regiment Annihilated
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US Army Regiment Annihilated - Incompetence, Chosin Reservoir, 1950 Korea