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US Intelligence: Vietnam War - the CIA, DIA, and MI Incompetent Espionage
US Intelligence: Vietnam War
Incompetent Espionage
© 2007
221 pages; 13 chapters and 2 appendixes
US Intelligence: Vietnam War describes the unbelievable incompetence,
corruption, and treason of America’s
main intelligence agencies during the
Vietnam War: the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Defense Intelligence
Agency (DIA), and US Army Military Intelligence (MI)
.  The stories of those
three so-called
“intelligence agencies” during the Vietnam War is
disgraceful. They were riddled with enemy moles, traitors, and men of low
intelligence. Yet, only the
CIA was guilty of treason, in that the CIA worked with
traitorous US “journalists” to sabotage America’s
Vietnam War effort in any way
possible. The
DIA and MI were both totally incompetent. While it is true that they
were infiltrated by the enemy, which is not as important as the fact that they
ruined or botched every opportunity that they stumbled into, because of
downright stupidity.
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“MACV's Combined Intelligence Center in Vietnam in 1965 was in chaos; the floors were littered with pile upon pile of
“intelligence reports” and artifacts from a dozen battlefields. All of the professional Military Intelligence officers seemed
befuddled. They were totally disorganized.  Yes, tons of so-called intelligence was pouring in, but it lay in unsorted piles
as confused MI professionals waded about, walking over it, with their faces reflecting total incompetence. That
incompetence betrayed America’s brave combat infantry, who had seized those intelligence documents. “General Joseph
A. McChristian, who had been made Chief of Staff for Intelligence at the U.S. Military Assistant Command's staff was
overwhelmed by reports, cables, intercepts, photographs, phone calls and rumors from troops, prisoners, defectors,
collaborators, agents, captured documents, and technical platforms. Paperwork was piled everywhere, along hallways
and under desks, with no way to track the flow. Office space was tight, security loose, morale poor. Army, Navy, and Air
Force officers ran their own "shops," served their own services, made their own rules. They gave high priority to inputs for
their own specialized studies, low priority to "everything else." There was no organized system for sorting or sending data
that might be needed in the field, in Washington, or even by other offices at MACV.” “
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Excerpt from US Intelligence: Vietnam War
US Intelligence: Vietnam War - the CIA, DIA, and MI Incompetent Espionage
US Intelligence: Vietnam War is a short introduction to the story of America’s incompetent espionage during the
Vietnam War
. When you read US Intelligence: Vietnam War you will quiver with angry indignation, as you discover the
abysmal record of the
CIA, DIA and MI. If you are a Christian, you might pray for divine intervention because you will realize
that America’s current layered
intelligence incompetence and treason reached its first bloom during the Vietnam War. If
you are a warrior, you will reach for your knife as you read
US Intelligence: Vietnam War. The story will sicken you and
shock you, but you will instinctively know that it is true.