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US Long Range Reconnaissance - HUMINT Scouts
US Long Range Reconnaissance
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251 pages; 18 chapters and 3 appendixes
For nearly fifty years, the US Army has harbored serial cliques of incompetent
conventional generals that are the enemies of warfighting excellence. These
perfumed bureaucratic princes, eschew the smell of cordite, in favor of
flirtatious talks with attractive congressional staffers. They love to posture as
hard-bitten soldiers but they are frauds and phonies who are very
uncomfortable in war zones.
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“The first phase of all their combat operations is the reconnaissance battle. As soon as any combat elements of friendly
and opposing forces are present in a theater of war, at any level of combat, reconnaissance seeking forces must make
contact. The objective of such contact is primarily to gather intelligence and secondarily to destroy enemy
intelligence/reconnaissance assets, especially ground assets. "The first phase of every battle is a battle for information.
Reconnaissance is the active measure of acquiring information, so the recon battle is one side fighting to get information
while the other attempts to deny it”
Maneuver is possible during the reconnaissance battle, but victory may be
jeopardized if that battle is lost.
A modern maneuver force should commit at least thirty percent of its forces to forward reach deployment, including
reconnaissance and forward detachment forces. Forward detachments are deployed in the assault column directly behind
reconnaissance forces.
Long-range surveillance units (LRSUs), or better yet, long range reconnaissance units, provide invaluable human
intelligence (HUMINT) collection asset to army brigade, division, corps and/or army commanders. HUMINT is defined as
the gathering of information by human collectors who obtain information from human sources and personal observation.”
Excerpt from US Long Range Reconnaissance
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In fact they believe they are above it all, they see themselves as State
Department types, holding back the few warlike soldiers in favor of stupid
peacekeeping and “nation building.”
One of the perfumed princes pet
peeves is reconnaissance
. Being high tech types, they can’t see any
use in combat reconnaissance
. The fact that wars cannot be won
without continuous, persistent intelligence, and reconnaissance
, is ignored by them because they are ignorant of
history. Currently, America’s slobbering baboon conventional
generals are dismantling all human reconnaissance
units in spite of the national demand for more HUMINT
. Long range reconnaissance units are disappearing fast,
there are
only about 300 trained HUMINT reconnaissance troops left in an army where bartenders and food clerks
outnumber combatants.
US Long Range Reconnaissance provides the reader with a glimpse of America’s
reconnaissance problems and solutions
. In depth information is provided regarding the importance and neglect of long
range reconnaissance and HUMINT in the US Army
Long Range Reconnaissance and HUMINT Combat Reconnaissance