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US Traitors Sabotaged USAF and Navy - Russians and US Traitors Corrupted US Air Power
US Traitors Sabotaged USAF and Navy
Russians and US Traitors Corrupted US Air Power
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235 pages; 14 chapters and 6 appendixes
The QuikManeuvers.com’s e-book, US Traitors Sabotaged USAF and Navy,
reveals that
US traitors, common in both WW2 and today, were also there
during the Vietnam War. This scrupulously researched e-book discusses all the
many ways
US government, media, and military traitors cost the lives of
heroic American airmen. Although traitors are not punished in America when
they are part of the leftist elite,
US Traitors Sabotaged USAF and Navy is a
grim expose of what they did. The reader will be amazed at all the conniving,
back-stabbing efforts of American (paid by honest taxpayers)
political traitors,
who worked desperately to cause America to lose the war.
US Traitors
Sabotaged USAF and Navy
recounts the grim litany of their successful
schemes, which ultimately led to the total subversion of America and the
installation of a socialist government.
"Perversely, the Johnson administration, spearheaded by Secretary of Defenses, Robert Strange McNamara, directly
sabotaged all US bombing campaigns from 1965-68, ensuring that it would be both too costly and a waste of lives and
resources.  Leftist President Johnson's stooges sabotaged the bombing by arbitrarily denying key targets and enemy
vulnerabilities to American bombers. In effect, timid American politicians artificially created privileged sanctuaries within
North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia where the reds could carry on war activities without worrying about being destroyed
or even impeded.
Senator Barry Goldwater succeeded in obtaining their declassified copies of some of the outrageous controls put on US
air forces. The Rules of Engagement consumed 26 pages of the Congressional Record (March 6, 14, and 18, 1985).
Summarizing some of the most outrageous curbs on our military airpower over North Vietnam, Goldwater said:
“…These layers of restrictions, which were constantly changing and were almost impossible to memorize or understand,
although it was required of our pilots, granted huge sanctuary areas to the enemy. When certain limits would at last be
removed after repeated appeals by the Joint Chiefs, the reductions were made only in gradual steps and seldom were
strong enough to serve our strategic ends. Numerous partial and total bombing halts interrupted the effectiveness of
earlier bombing campaigns. Often, when limited extensions of target areas were granted, they were unexpectedly
canceled and withdrawn shortly afterward. Here are some of the crazy US rules of engagement:
        North Vietnamese SAM (Surface To Air Missile) missile sites could not be bombed while they were under construction, but only after
they became operational.
        US Pilots were not permitted to attack a Communist MiG sitting on the runway.
        The only time it could be attacked was after it was in the air, had been identified, and had showed hostile intentions.
        Even communist airbases which were sending hostile aircraft and missiles against US aircraft, could not be bombed.
        Enemy military truck depots located just over 200 yards from a road could not be destroyed.
        Enemy trucks on a road could be attacked, but if they drove off the road they were safe from bombing.
If a South Vietnamese forward air controller was not on an aircraft, it was forbidden to bomb enemy troops during a fire
fight even though the Reds were clearly visible and were being pointed at by an officer on the ground. The aircraft's
bombs were dumped in the ocean…” "
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Excerpt from US Traitors Sabotaged USAF and Navy
Russians and US Traitors Corrupted US Air Power
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