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Velikiye Luki Encirclement - German Valor, Blood, & Toughness
Velikiye Luki Encirclement
German Valor, Blood, & Toughness
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361 pages; 17 chapters and 2 appendices
One of the great mysteries of World War II regards the Velikiye
Luki Encirclement
. Why did the German Army commanders and
general staff make so many mistakes in supporting the
Army units
caught in the Velikiye Luki Encirclement? In spite of
the fact that the few
German defenders caught in the Velikiye
Luki Encirclement
wiped out the equivalent in dead of an entire
Soviet Army, the valor and determination of the German Army
outside of the Velikiye Luki Encirclement was so
much less than the defenders.
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"The War Diary of the II AK registered the following: "the winter equipment of the regiment exceeds any description.
Nevertheless, before it was possible to equip the regiment, with a manpower of almost 3000 men, from the essential
elements, arrived the order stating its engagement against the enemy. That regiment was ordered to stop to the
regiments of the 249 Guards Rifle Division of Yeremenko which had assaulted Peno in its advance in southwestern
direction on Andreapol."
"Battalions of red skiers were already on the Ochwat Lake. We arrived at the same time as the battery from AR 181
(181st Artillery Regiment), and we were sent immediately to the town to stop the Russians, who wanted to seize of the
western edge of the village under the protection of a smoke-barrage. As we knew later, they were divisions of riflemen of
Siberia. The Siberians approached shouting, with a loud " Hurra" on the frozen lake"
Excerpt from Velikiye Luki Encirclement

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Velikiye Luki Encirclement - German Valor, Blood, & Toughness
Velikiye Luki Encirclement accurately describes the mistakes and
heroism that marked the
Velikiye Luki Encirclement, and in doing
so reveals why the communists sought revenge for their humiliation
by bringing
German Army POWs, survivors of the Velikiye Luki Encirclement, back to Velikiye Luki in 1946 and
executing them on the battlefield where the
communists were so humiliated.  Velikiye Luki Encirclement also reveals
a number of other overlooked features of the
Battle of Velikiye Luki that will surprise and amaze you. The true story
told about the
Velikiye Luki Encirclement (November 1942 to January 1943) will shock you, and inform you, but it will
also inspire you to learn how bravely and lethally the
German Army defenders fought to the last round and thereby
slaughtered tens of thousands of the attacking
communist hordes.