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Guerrilla and Combat Manual
Vengeance: American Resistance 1
Minutemen Combat Manual
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191 pages; 8 chapters
Over forty years ago a small group of Americans, including many WWII and Korean
War veterans, came together to form a secret anti-communist army. They called
the Minutemen. That army was the first modern example of a
systemized American patriot resistance movement
. After much difficulty
QuikManuvers was able to obtain musty copies of
the training material used by
that long-dead American resistance movement
The first manual in this series The
Minutemen Combat Manual is focused upon
guerrilla warfare
as the premier weapon of the resistance movement. It
includes fascinating and highly detailed information on
forming a guerrilla band,
leading guerrilla warfare, night combat, and a variety of combat techniques.

Minutemen Combat Manual will rivet your attention.
Review Table of Contents
“It is best if your guerrilla band can be made up of people who have known each other previously and who already respect
each other’s ability and loyalty. Unfortunately this is not always possible. So long as personal existence is possible most
people will try to "exist" under the yoke of slavery. Only here and there will you find a person with the courage and
conviction to join in active resistance against the enemy.
The communists are well aware of these facts. They are constantly trying to ferment distrust among the peoples of the free
world. Even here, in the United States many intelligent and responsible people are losing confidence in each other-- in their
law enforcement agencies and in their government itself. This is not said with the intention of being hypercritical. It is merely
a statement of fact.
Hardly a week goes by without the newspapers reporting an expose of pay-offs, dishonesty, and outright banditry by police
officers or police departments somewhere in the United States. Is it any wonder that many young people lose respect for
the law?
During the past twenty-five years our nation's "foreign policy" has repeatedly played right into the communists hands. As a
result one free nation after another has been handed to the communists on a silver platter. Time and time again these
"mistakes" have been concealed from the people or have been "white-washed" by persons in high government office. How
can anyone blame the American public for beginning to wonder?”
Excerpt from Vengeance: American Resistance 1

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