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Intelligence and Security Manual
Vengeance: American Resistance 2
Minutemen Intelligence and Security Manual
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82 pages; 5 chapters
Over forty years ago a small group of Americans, including many WWII and Korean
War veterans, came together to form a secret anti-communist army. They called
the Minutemen. That army was the first modern example of a
systemized American patriot resistance movement
. After much difficulty
QuikManuvers was able to obtain musty copies of
the training material used by
that long-dead American resistance movement
The second manual in this series
The Minutemen Intelligence and Security
covers all aspects of unit and personal security as well as intelligence
. The Minutemen realized that without strong security they would
soon be penetrated by left-wing government agent provocateurs (the same type of
men that murdered American citizens at Ruby Ridge and Waco).  That is why the
Minutemen created a security and intelligence system for both self-protection
and in order to collect information on their enemies within the US. Those enemies
eventually wiped out the Minutemen by framing many of them in a typical federal
fashion, as gunrunners, perverts, and criminals.
The Minutemen Security and Intelligence Manual provides an excellent
course in security and intelligence for a resistance movement.
Review Table of Contents
“One way for an individual, guerrilla band or resistance movement to die a quick and sure death is to attract undue
attention to itself prematurely. The most effective underground movements are unknown to the enemy until they have
enough strength and support to inflict damage on the enemy and to sustain their continuance.
"Premature commitment is the finest help the resistance can give the enemy --- in his effort to liquidate those who would
fight. Regardless of the temptation to rush into combat with all that is available in weapons and manpower --- this desire
must be resisted.
"In other words, the ability to keep out of the clutches of the enemy secret police or agents is the first primary mission of
the resistor--- in so far as basic personal security is concerned.”
Excerpt from Vengeance: American Resistance 2
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