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Recruitment and Training Manual
Vengeance: American Resistance 3
Minutemen Intelligence and Security Manual
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102 pages; 3 chapters
Over forty years ago a small group of Americans, including many WWII and
Korean War veterans, came together to form a secret anti-communist army.
They called themselves
the Minutemen. That army was the first modern
example of a systemized American patriot resistance movement
. After
much difficulty QuikManuvers was able to obtain musty copies of
the training
material used by that long-dead American resistance movement
The third manual in this series
The Minutemen Recruitment and Training
addresses a resistance movement’s primary concern: how to recruit
and train personnel
so that they can function efficiently within the resistance
This manual focuses upon recruitment and training within an
underground warfare milieu
. The danger of federal infiltration in any patriot
movement is far greater than that found in a leftist traitor or muslim terrorist
organization. Both subversive groups have already infiltrated the federal agencies
targeted against domestic enemies of the state.
Review Table of Contents
“Recruiting is one of the most important activities of a resistance movement. The over-all efficiency of the organization--
perhaps its ultimate success or failure depends on the quality of its personnel. The quality of personnel depends, in turn,
on the efficiency of recruiting methods.
A resistance movement cannot remain static. There will be losses, causalities, and perhaps defections. New members must
be obtained to fill the vacancies and keep the organization growing. Without constant recruiting a resistance movement
must ultimately wither away. With proper recruiting it can eventually grow to such a size that ultimate victory is possible.
Recruiting can also be a very hazardous activity-- especially under totalitarian forms of government or during enemy
occupation. The history of past underground armies in other countries demonstrates this fact most vividly. The one thing
that most often led to their destruction was the penetration by hostile elements that infiltrated their ranks as new recruits.”
Excerpt from Vengeance: American Resistance 3

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Through their subversive infiltration and sensitively group brainwashing, America’s domestic enemies have co-opted federal
law enforcement agencies, especially the FBI into weapons aimed at the extermination of the dissent within the ranks of
America’s white middle and working classes. Back in the 1960s, the
Minutemen realized that they faced the same type
of problems
from hostile federal agencies, which is why they attempted to establish an iron clad recruitment and
training system
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