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Survival and Chemical, Biological and Radiological First Aid
Vengeance: American Resistance 4
Minutemen Survival Manual
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74 pages; 3 chapters
Over forty years ago a small group of Americans, including many WWII and
Korean War veterans, came together to form a secret anti-communist army.
They called themselves
the Minutemen. That army was the first modern
example of a systemized American patriot resistance movement
. After
much difficulty QuikManuvers was able to obtain musty copies of
the training
material used by that long-dead American resistance movement
The fourth manual in this series
The Minutemen Survival Manual focuses upon
personal survival of the evasion and escape type, first aid for wounds and
trauma suffered in guerrilla war fighting, and
chemical, biological, and
radiological defense
. Minutemen personal survival training taught
personnel how to survive in a hostile political environment.
They also included instruction in
survival in a total war environment.
Minutemen training
in the medical aspects of guerrilla war goes beyond first
aid information
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“The Russians have repeatedly claimed that they were not building bomb shelters. This claim has been dutifully
passed on to the American people. The actual fact is that the U.S.S.R, has already completed an extensive system of
bomb and fall-out shelters.
Here is another fact that makes an atomic war possible. The thought of millions of children burned to death quickly, or
dying slowly of radiation sickness, is not nearly so abhorrent to the communist mind as it is to ours.
Although the American people are now building bomb shelters as never before, its still true that only a small
percentage of people have them. One reason for this may be that the expense and work involved seems so great that
they just never get started. That's part of the communist strategy; to make us feel helpless. To make any effort at
preparation seem futile.
If we were subjected to an atomic attack right now (and assuming you have made no preparation at all) then the
chances of your family escaping without at least one death or serious injury are almost nil.
Here is a step-by-step program by which your family can increase your chances of survival first to 30 percent, then to
50, then 70, then 90 percent; finally to almost 100 percent.”
Excerpt from Vengeance: American Resistance 4

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Their instructions on chemical, biological, and radiological defense, written by several medical specialists, is
superior to the material offered 40 years later by America’s armed forces. In 2006 muslim terrorists are threatening America
with CBR weapons, which makes
chemical, biological, and radiological defense, including first aid more important
than ever.
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