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Vietnam Terror by Viet Cong
Vietnam Terror
Viet Cong Terror Tactics
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73 pages; 5 chapters
Throughout the war in Vietnam the Viet Cong frequently employed terror
to influence events and their enemies.
Vietnam Terror describes the nature of
Viet Cong terror through May 1966. The Viet Cong killed a lot of people in
order to gain the advantages
endemic to the use of terror. The US, along
with its
allies in South Vietnam, was eventually able to control and mostly
eradicate Viet Cong terror
Vietnam Terror provides several object lessons reinforcing the fact that
American counter terror victories seem to be possible only if foreigners are
helping. America’s own
counter terror methods remain bankrupt to this day.
Review Table of Contents
To smash the southern regime -- that was the stated objective. The method was to eliminate by force the southern
governmental apparatus, the country's official and natural leaders and establish in each village an apparat (communist
organization) tied to Hanoi. The assault began in the villages and was to work its way up through the district and than
provincial governmental levels until at last there would be a direct attack on the central government itself. Along the way,
the enemy's instruments of power -his police and his armed forces -- would be won over by proselytizing means or
nullified by force.
A two-pronged attack was ordered -- what is called the political struggle and the armed struggle. Underlying the entire
effort was the
rational use of terror. Terror was an integral part of the planned campaign to achieve the single
political objective: unification of Vietnam under the communist banner.
This is a study of the specific uses, which the
Viet Cong have made of terror during a six-year period. Terror had great
utility for the communists and the
North Vietnamese/Viet Cong terror program became sophisticated and highly
developed, shaped by a number of forces: rural Vietnamese climate of opinion, the availability of resources and
personnel, the inherent dangers involved in its use, governmental countermeasures, historical lessons, and North
Vietnamese Grand Strategy.”
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Vietnam Terror by Viet Cong