Vietnam War E Books For Sale
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Vietnam War E Books For Sale
Vietnam War E-Books
American Vietnam War Traitors
How Traitorous Leftist Politicians, Media and the Democratic Party Sabotaged America
During The Vietnam War

Bicycle Infantry in War
Low Tech Bicycle War-Winning

Counter Guerrilla Combat
Tactics and Techniques of Counter Guerrilla Operations

Disgraced: Defeat of the Marine Corps in Vietnam
Incompetent Generals of the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force

Dishonored: Marine Corps on the Ropes
How Marine Generals Lost the Vietnam War

French Indochina Army Tactics
French Expeditionary Combat Leadership

French Indochina War, Fortifications
De Lattre Line Maneuver Hinge

French Paratroop War, Indochina
The Glory of French Paratroops

General’s Guide to War
Sharpening the Combat Edge

Incompetent Generals
How US Generals Failed in Vietnam

Indochina: Priests of a Dead God
The French vs. the Viet Minh, 1st Indochina War

Inside Special Operations Forces
Elite Reconnaissance/Diversionary Spearheads

Moles and Amateurs
US Vietnam Warfighting Strategy

Red Intelligence: Vietnam War
Communist Vietnam War Espionage

Secrets of the Ho Chi Minh Trail
North Vietnamese (NVA) Operational and Logistics Art

Secrets of the Viet Cong

Share the Pain; Share the Glory
Elite Spearhead Assault Units; Second Indochina War

Soviet Analysis of US Bombing Operations
How Russians Predicted US Operational Patterns

Subterranean Warfighting Blues
Underground War: Petersburg to 2010

Twilight Zone: Defeating the North Vietnamese Army
The Ho Chi Minh Trail Campaign

US Intelligence: Vietnam War
Incompetent Espionage

US Traitors Sabotaged USAF and Navy
Russians and US Traitors Corrupted US Air Power

Vietnam Terror
Viet Cong Terror Tactics

Vietnam Vendetta
Combat Infantry Lessons Learned in Vietnam
Vietnam War E Books For Sale
Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage insists that what actually happened in the Vietnam
War be told. The Vietnam War was, for example, totally sabotaged by
“American” traitors. Parts of the US and foreign armed forces,
supposedly fighting the Vietnam War, were able to totally avoid
decisive combat for nearly a decade, while their propaganda organs
constantly piped out lies about what was going on.
is determined to tell the truth about the Vietnam War and
the e-books in this category are very hard hitting.
Vietnam War E Books For Sale