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Violence of Action, the Special Forces War on Terror
Violence of Action
Special Forces’ War on Terror
© 2007
310 pages; 21 chapters
Violence of Action describes many secrets of the US Army Special
Forces war on terror
in Iraq and Afghanistan. Violence of Action
captures the
exemplary special forces warrior spirit and warfighting
expertise of US Army Special Forces in an easily understandable format.
There is no doubt that
US Army Special Forces warriors have by dint of
violence of action, have inspired great fear in their foreign and
domestic leftist enemies
who have already thoroughly subverted
America's conventional armed forces. The most dangerous
threat to US
Special Forces violence of action is the domestic leftist threat
and its
within the US Army. Together those two enemy terror elements are
doing all they can to de-fang and nullify
US Army Special Forces warriors.
Extreme hatred of
US Army Special Forces, by domestic leftists and
allies of terror
within the USA has been ignored too long. Now the story will
be told, but not as the primary focus of
Violence of Action. Violence of
tells the reader about the actual yet unbelievably glorious
warfighting feats of US Army Special Forces
that have already
exceeded those of Alexander the Great.
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“ ‘…As our team vehicles drove into the village we observed six armed men running from the village, into a streambed. I
called out to Bill, my M240 gunner, on the back of my vehicle, and told him to grab his M-4. We would secure the
backside of the village to prevent any further runners. As we approached the edge of the village we observed ten AMF
giving chase to the baddies. I radioed Scott, the team commo guy, for more of the team to come forward, and link up with
the AMF giving chase, so the team would have some control over what was happening.
Bill, Mike, Pete, Noah and I went running after the AMF. We chased the baddies (enemy troops?) for approximately five
kilometers, down the streambed to another small village. Just after clearing the village Bill and Mike came under heavy
RPG and machinegun fire from the near ridgeline. They organized their AMF and began assaulting the ACM,
successfully forcing them to retreat from the hilltop. Once on top of the hill Bill and Mike came under intense small arms
fire, and got pinned down. Meanwhile Scott, Chuck, Noah and I took the remainder of the AMF and began maneuvering
to our flank. Our coordinated efforts forced the ACM to withdraw to a farther ridgeline.
Once we had taken the high ground and pinned down the ACM, we called in close air support. Our friends from the Air
Force and Marines dropped a few 500-lb. bombs on their positions, destroying at least fifteen ACM. After conducting
Bomb Damage Assessment the team regrouped and reorganized and began moving back up the streambed. Just as the
team was within two kilometers of the village we became pinned down by more than forty ACM firing from the flank
ridgeline. We began firing and maneuvering to get out of the kill zone while close air support continued to drop 500 and
1000-lb. bombs on the ACM. Once the air support broke the ACM ambush the other half of the team took the good guys
(allies? Friendly elements?) that had remained in the village and attacked their flank. Our team members found over 60
bedrolls and evidence of casualties in a shallow cave that the ACM had occupied. We chased off the remaining ACM and
decided to call it a day. As the sun was setting we recalled all forces and reorganized in order to head back to Deh
Chopan…’ “
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