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Volkhov's Unburied Dead - Soviet Defeat in the Volkhov Pocket in WWII
Volkhov's Unburied Dead
Soviet Defeat in the Volkhov Pocket
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331 pages; 22 chapters and 4 appendices
Volkhov's Unburied Dead is a totally unique e-book which is the only
one extant offering in depth coverage of the battles on the
Volkhov Front 1941-42. Volkhov's Unburied Dead covers all the
important aspects of the battle, both Soviet and German. The many
maps and charts provided in
Volkhov's Unburied Dead enhance the
reader's understanding. Why is this e-book titled
Volkhov's Unburied Dead
since it is about the battles around the Volkhov Pocket, the destruction
of the Soviet 2nd Shock Army and the defection to Germany's service of
the highest ranking Soviet general/defector of
WWII? The nearly one million
Soviet dead who were killed in the vicinity of the
Volkhov Pocket in 1941-42,
and 1944, were neither recovered nor buried until sometime after 1995.
The communists are heartless atheists and they don't give a damn about the millions of Soviet mothers who waited for the
return of their sons and daughters for decades having never been informed of their deaths. Since 1995, the Soviets have
bulldozed literally mountains of their
World War II dead into vast bone pits all over Russia so that they can say it never
happened. And those hypocrites dare complain about the truth being told about
WWII?  What happens if you ask any of
the thousands of American historians and history writers: "Is it true that the Soviets left millions of their dead, unburied for
decades after WWII?" They will reply: "No! That's a right wing lie!" America has trusted the home-grown liars and criminals,
known as American leftists (democrats and republicans), for too long. If you want to learn what really happened during
those bloody days in the area including the
Volkhov Pocket, read Volkhov's Unburied Dead.
Review Table of Contents
"In January 1942, the Soviet 13th Cavalry Corps, part of General Vlasov's 2nd Shock Army, plunged into a breakthrough
breach intending to cut off German Army Group North. Instead, the red invaders found themselves trapped in the
Volkhov Pocket deep freeze. Tens of thousands of Soviet troops died in the endless woods of Myasnoi Bor, north of
Remnants of the Soviet 2nd Shock Army didn't break out of the Volkhov Pocket for six months. All of the survivors of the
2nd Shock Army who finally broke out were starving and most volunteered to fight the communist regime, under German
command. Their commanding General Vlasov led them against their former red masters.
As the mounds of communist dead at Myasnoi Bor piled up and began to rot, the battles of the Eastern Front moved on to
other fields. The Red Army corpses lay there shuddering as the ground trembled and heaved during several more years
of war. Then the battlefields grew quiet. But the corpses were still there, rotting in a monstrous state of putrefaction. They
were denizens of a frightful charnel house of dead men, many of whom still held their sub-machine guns in rotting fingers.
Their white finger bones still glistened on the triggers.
Soon the corpses were crawling with thousands of disgusting yellowish maggots, as they quivered in decay.  Miles of
liquefying Soviet corpses, now putrid sacks of oozing human corruption, lay for mile upon mile among the splintered trees
of Myasnoi Bor.
Then, with peace, the distant sounds of battle all fell away and only the bones remained, glistening and white.  As time
passed with the seasons, no one came to honor or bury those dead of Myasnoi Bor. But destitute Russian peasants
came... to loot the corpses and collect axes, saws, shovels, spare parts, weapons, ammunition and other souvenirs from
the dead and their blown up vehicles. Sometimes the conscience of those greedy peasants caused them to gather a
handful of identity tags from this or that mound of bones. But no one buried the abandoned Marxist dead."
Excerpt from Volkhov's Unburied Dead

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Volkhov's Unburied Dead - Soviet Defeat in the Volkhov Pocket in WWII