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Waffen SS Campaigns in Russia - Belgian Volunteers on the Eastern Front
Waffen SS Campaigns in Russia
Belgian Volunteers on the Eastern Front  (written by Leon Degrelle )
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357 pages; 11 chapters
Waffen SS Campaigns in Russia is one of the best e-books ever written on
World War II Eastern Front combat. Waffen SS Campaigns in Russia is
also the best e-book ever written on the
Belgian Waffen SS. The author was
Belgian warrior Leon Degrelle, who fought his way in bloody combat from
machine gunner to general in four years of fierce warfighting.
Waffen SS
Campaigns in Russia
is also one of the greatest books ever written on war. It
describes the close and bloody battles of
Belgian troops who volunteered to
fight the communists as
Waffen SS on the Eastern Front. The Belgian
Waffen SS volunteers
earned more war glory than any Belgian soldiers
before or since
World War II. Waffen SS Campaigns in Russia is a very well
written, blood-soaked epic of heroism and military competence that has been
suppressed for years by the US history establishment. It is a must read. Leon
Degrelle finally tells his story in English in the e-book
Waffen SS Campaigns
in Russia
. For the first time, the majority of English speakers in America,
Great Britain, and other countries will have the chance to make up their own
minds about a public figure. That man has been, for over fifty years, in his
native country, Belgium, and abroad, one of the most admired as well as one
of the most reviled and traduced figures of the century. Leon Degrelle compels
our attention; long slandered by suppression, distortion and/or omission by the
powers which seek to control our thoughts, now he speaks to us in our own
Review Table of Contents
"The Russians came al dawn, the better part of two regiments, men and tanks silhouetted against the blood-red sun
as they moved forward across the steppe. Huddled among the peasants' huts of Gromovaya-Balka, the men of the
Wallonian Legion awaited them, silently cursing the frozen earth, which had offered implacable resistance to their
entrenching tools.
Against the oncoming Soviet troops - 4,000 of them - and the 14 tanks which accompanied them, the 500 Belgian
volunteers who held the village disposed of no weapons heavier than machine guns. Their only hope was to hold on
until the German command, hard pressed all along the Samara front, could rush them reinforcements badly needed in
other sectors.
Corporal Leon Degrelle crouched behind the frozen carcass of a horse, sighting down the barrel of his MG34. He
gave no heed to the bitter cold or to his injured foot, painfully broken two weeks before.
The Russian artillery shells were already landing in the village, inflicting terrible casualties when they were on target.
Now the Soviet infantry broke into a run, their blood-curdling battle cry, "Ourrah pobieda!, " "Hurrah for victory!,"
ringing in the ears of the French-speaking Walloons, drowning out the cries of the wounded and dying. Degrelle and
his comrades began to fire, tearing big gaps in the ranks of the advancing Russians…"
Excerpt from Waffen SS Campaigns in Russia

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Waffen SS Campaigns in Russia - Belgian Volunteers on the Eastern Front