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Waffen SS Foreign Units
Waffen SS Foreign Units
European SS in the Anti-Bolshevik War
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350 pages; 26 chapters and 9 appendixes
Over a million foreign volunteers served in Waffen SS combat units during
World War II. Even in 2008, the actual number of
Waffen SS foreign units is
unknown. Among the millions of Axis dead left on Soviet battlefields, nearly
one-half of the corpses counted as dead Germans, were dead foreign
volunteers who fought so valorously against the Bolshevik hordes.
Waffen SS
Foreign Units
describes only a few of the non-German units that fought
against the Soviets as members of the
Waffen SS. Waffen SS foreign units
destroyed thousands of communist tanks and millions of communist fanatics in
the Gotterdammerung of the Eastern Front. Since World War II, much that has
been written in books, articles and on anti-German internet forums  consists of
continuous rewrites of Soviet/leftist lies and (more clever) propaganda. They
dispute the glorious saga of ruthless achievement by
SS combat units and
Waffen SS foreign units on the Eastern Front
. In this e-book we begin to
redress the imbalance.
Review Table of Contents
“Some historians have claimed that the large number of foreign personnel in the Waffen SS actually contaminated the
loyalty of combat troops of the SS. "...they were renowned for the irresistible ferocity of their attacks and indifference to
casualties. As the war progressed they expanded considerably, but also suffered tremendous losses in their continual
spearheading of attacks. Unable to compete with the conscription laws directed at the Wehrmacht, they had been obliged
to recruit elsewhere and had become so diluted with foreign volunteers and non-ethnic Germans, and so indifferent to the
higher command while maintaining an arrogant spirit of elitism, that they were now curiously like the French Foreign
Legion in their outlook, a closed community with their own rules and loyalties." Such appraisals of Waffen SS loyalty are
both unfair and untrue. In truth, foreign Waffen SS units usually fought more loyally and savagely than many other
formations of the German armed services. "Many countries sent more volunteers into the Waffen-SS than they could
raise for their own national armies, so something truly phenomenal was taking place."
SS foreign volunteers earned their share of medals for valor. Although most foreign volunteers fought as members of their
own homogenous units. Many other foreigners fought from within German units of the Waffen SS, Army, Luftwaffe and
Navy. For example, the 11th Waffen SS Panzergrenadier Division, "Nordland," included the widest range of foreigners
found in any SS unit. The 11th SS Panzergrenader Division included British, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French,
Norwegian, Swedish and Swiss troops in its ranks. Twenty-seven Nordland Division warriors earned Germany's highest
decoration for repeated combat valor, the Knights Cross (Ritterkreuze), during the war.”
Excerpt from Waffen SS Foreign Units
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Waffen SS Foreign Units