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Waffen SS Officer Training, Steiner's SS troops
Waffen SS Officer Training
Waffen SS Combat Ethos
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370 pages; 25 chapters and 7 appendixes
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Steiner’s SS storm troops were taught to be highly camouflaged dare devils, moving forward irresistibly with focused
speed and alertness. Their attacks were delivered with great violence and their firepower advantage was gained by the
employment of a profusion of machine guns, light mortars and grenades.
Steiner’s training system was combat-oriented, and it was directed chiefly at promoting tactical troop maneuverability in
the field. Formal drill and parade ground training was de-emphasized. The preliminary stage of this goal consisted of
systematic physical training, including strength building exercises, as well as track and field sports.
Steiner’s SS troops
daily hiked, carried out jumping exercises, and ran at both short and middle-distances As a result of the freedom that
Steiner enjoyed to practice his training methods, and the above-average physical constitution and the high performance
motivation of the militarized
SS volunteers, an SS military athlete type gradually evolved. This type Steiner referred to
this athletic soldier type as a “disciplined sport type, of supple physical stature and mentally concentrated on
performance.” Such
SS soldiers were admirably suited to satisfy the special demands of shock-troop tactics. The Steiner
trained SS soldier
was to be able to operate independently as the commander of the smallest storm unit, to carry out his
own  planned tactical combat missions independently. He also learned how to employ maximum firepower in his initiative
seeking maneuvers. Steiner reincarnated a combat concept that had been discontinued by the end of World War I,
twenty years before. The uncritical idealizing of World War I storm troops, so widely popularized in German 'soldierly-
nationalist' circles, therefore caused them to appear often as visionary precursors of the
SS soldier Steiner was in the
process of creating. As Steiner explained: “A new era has begun for the soldier. Its hero is the intelligent, ruthlessly
disciplined storm trooper, steeled by sport and combat.”
Steiner’s SS assault troops were to fight within the “closed
confines of shock troop” tactics as practiced by an elite combat unit eager to close with and destroy the enemy.  “Master
of explosives, the troop is recklessly daredevil, an unyielding defender of won terrain, a provider of comradeship in life as
in death.”  “
Excerpt from Waffen SS Officer Training
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