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War Clandestinity - Revolutionary Cellular Networks
War Clandestinity
Revolutionary Cellular Networks
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224 pages; 22 chapters, 1 special report, and 1 appendix
War Clandestinity is an e-book which describes clandestine maneuver
either in war against a foreign power or a domestic war of liberation from a
dictator’s tyranny. Most pseudo-historians object to placing useful warfighting
information in the hands of citizens who may use that information against a
dictator. That is the purpose of the e-book, War Clandestinity. For the first
time, arcane techniques of
clandestine survival and operations are
simplified and detailed for intelligent citizens. Why should
communist and
Moslem terrorists be the only people privy to the secrets unveiled in War
? War Clandestinity is for the intelligent freedom fighter who
finds himself fighting to the death against
communist and/or Moslem
. The techniques described in War Clandestinity enable
freedom fighters to not only survive in a
communist or Moslem police state,
but also attack it.
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"As Soviet defector Alexander Orlov (who tricked and bamboozled the West for years) explained: “the majority of the
agents who take part in the same operation should not know one another, should not meet, and should not know each
other‘s addresses. The idea behind [this] was, [sic] that if a man does not know something he will not be able to divulge it.
To understand the organizational significance of clandestine cellular networks, it is important to understand the context in
which different components of the insurgency use this type of organizational structure.”"
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War Clandestinity - Revolutionary Cellular Networks