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War Games Information
Attention War Gamers
There are many sites on the internet that sell war games about World War II, the Vietnam War,
Special Forces/Delta Force operations, Rhodesian and South African wars against communism,
and other 20th and 21st Century wars not yet addressed (i.e. the French in Indochina and Algeria).

Quikmaneuvers’ publications offer over eighty books for the war game enthusiasts. Our books
(many of which are written by
war game enthusiasts) are replete with stories of battles
(scenarios), orders of battles, discussions of leaders, run downs on weapons, the psychology of
opposing forces, and many other factors related to a plethora of
war game topics.

Some of our staff members have
war gaming experience, gained both while in the military and
from commercial
war games. We are quite familiar with all aspects of game design, hex squares,
movement rates, and many other
war gaming topics. We can help you design a war game,
based on the information in our military library. We do not do any type of fantasy gaming. All of our
work is on historical wars, battles, and personalities.

If you need a special report on creating a
war game on one of the military or intelligence topics
described in our
catalog of books, we can provide that.

Tell us what you want, and we will quote you a price.
    E-mail to info (at) quikmaneuvers (dot) com
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