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Warfighting Combat Manuals
Warfighting Combat Manuals
Audie Murphy Warfighting Page of Useful Combat Manuals
Audie Murphy Tribute E-Book
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Audie Murphy’s Decorations and
Miscellaneous Photos
24 Pages
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Audie Murphy was America's greatest Hero in World War II. His achievements
and exploits should never be forgotten. He won the US Medal of Honor for
combat heroism in a US army that still valued the warrior and his combat skills
regardless of his class or upbringing. Audie Murphy was a white man from the
south, and he personified all the characteristics and warrior attributes that the
heretofore Celtic South was know for.
Audie Murphy would have been ignored to today’s modern US Army or
investigated for barbarity and animalistic behavior. Why? The modern US
Army and armed forces in general no longer values war fighting and they are
very reluctant to give awards to enlisted men for combat valor. They now give
the Medal of Honor for life saving achievements, not combat valor. The
modern US Army is controlled by leftist, bureaucratic generals who perceive
the US Army in several dysfunctional ways:
1. As an extension of the diplomatic corps.
2. As a construction and janitorial corporation.
3. As a mob of bestial killers who must be closely watched and frequently
arrested for “murder,” “rape,” or “torture.”
4. A security force that is at the service of third world tyrants of the left and
muslim psychotics.

Read about a real American hero. The type of man who is no longer welcome
in the US Army an effeminate bureaucracy consumed with africanistic bigotry
and suspicious dislike of white fighting men.
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Close Quarter Combat
172 Pages - 16 Chapters, 2 Annexes
only $ 17 US
Hand-to-hand combat has never been a military forte
in Western Armed Forces. In fact, American and
Canadian officers avoid hand-to-hand combat like
the plague. They are high-tech, push-button
bureaucrats who like “clean wars” which follow rules
and laws. They are usually more positive toward the
enemy than their own men. This e-book includes the
Canadian Army’s methods of unarmed combat. While
better than the American system, any street fighter
or martial artist will note its weaknesses. However,
the book provides excellent instruction in the
Canadian-American perception of hand-to-hand
combat. This e-book is well illustrated, and even has
a section on bayonet fighting.
Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage
Close Quarter Combat Manual
58 Pages - 8 Chapters
only $ 10 US
This Canadian manual provides a useful description
of the modern Canadian view of fieldcraft, the skills
and abilities required in wilderness warfare. Most
aspects of fieldcraft are explained including: cover,
concealment, direction finding, movement, stalking,
tracking, terrain,etc.  However, some aspects are left
out. The e-book is copiously illustrated.
Fieldcraft Combat Manual
Pack Transportation
172 Pages - 10 Chapters
only $ 17 US
This e-book is the World War II standard on the care
and use of pack animals. In some ways it is superior to
the modern US Special Forces book on the same
subject. It includes everything a person needs to know
regarding pack animals and their use in combat.
Operation Anaconda
An Air Power Perspective
135 Pages - 7 Chapters
only $ 15 US
This US Air Force book is a better than average
description of the US Operation Anaconda in
Afghanistan. The modern US Air Force probably
includes more generals who are combat-oriented than
the Navy, Army and Marine Corps combined. Many US
Air Force officers not only understand aerial warfare,
but ground warfare as well. Certainly this e-book is an
excellent example of their skill.
Air Force Operation Combat
Urban Guerrilla Manual
31 Pages
only $ 7 US
This handbook provides a short and pithy introduction
to urban guerrilla warfare. Its main value is that it is
not contaminated by the US bureaucratic high-tech
and push-button approach to war. Therefore, the e-
book has none of the high-tech jargon or barely
understood pseudo-technological nonsense that
modern American military manuals are contaminated
with. If you read this e-book, you will get a clear idea
of the subject. These days, that’s saying a lot.
Urban Guerilla Manual
Pack Animals Combat Manual