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The Soldiers Load analyzed
The Warrior's Load
Soldiers are Not Donkeys
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270 pages; 15 chapters, 2 special reports and 3 appendixes
How Light Infantry Can Fight and Win a War Without Carrying More
Than 40 Pounds
For decades, military experts have warned the US and other western military
institutions that it is stupid to overload combat troops. Modern US Army and Marines
require their average combat troops carry 80-100 pounds on their backs. It is a heavy
soldiers load. Elite units, such as the Special Forces, commonly carry 120 pounds. It
only takes a few years for these human packhorses to become ruined; their backs and
legs no longer functional. It is amazing that the US Military can’t solve the problem, and
instead it glorifies the men who stagger around like overburdened donkeys, who are
so weakened by their loads that foreign she-male terrorists can easily out-smart
and out-fight them. What is the use of having thousands of helicopters and other high-
tech multi-million dollar machinery, if the sharp edge is being blunted by stupidly being
required to carry tons of junk? The
soldiers load? This book, The Warrior’s Load,
describes a problem, and offers sensible solutions. If you are a professional soldier,
and ignore what this book says, then hopefully you’ll be among the ones the rest of us
fight next.
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“The US military continued to require its soldiers to carry packs weighing from 80 to 180 pounds (soldiers load). It is over
100 degrees in Iraq. In such heat, hollow eyed US soldiers dragging 100-pound packs are spent in an hour or two. They
are walking fatigue cases, walking dead men, prone to stumble over mines and booby traps, slow to detect enemy or
react to fire...they are not hunting wolves...but fattened load bearing sheep.
As one marine officer recently described his training experience while preparing for service in Iraq: “My marines were so
fatigued from simply packing their equipment from position to position, that the enemy was not a major concern.  Had this
operation not been a peacetime exercise with controlled aggressors, I am certain we would have had serious problems
fighting and defeating even a small enemy force.
A paratrooper of B Company/1st Battalion/502nd Infantry Regiment in reported his 2003 experience. “On our first day in
Karbala (Iraq), we cleared 9 schools and covered 7 miles of urban terrain carrying a standard load that ranged from 70-
120 pounds.”              
Overloaded packs are a violation of Army doctrine. According to the Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP
1997) Mobility of dismounted forces must be enhanced to permit high tempo, continuous day/night operations in all-
weather conditions.
Continuous operations are enhanced by lightening the dismounted soldier's load. That judicious
action will increase the soldier’s ability to overcome terrain and obstacle restrictions while optimizing the utility of the
soldier’s equipment.”
Excerpt from The Warrior’s Load
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