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Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual - Wehrmacht Tactics Against Red Bands
Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual
Wehrmacht Tactics Against Red Bands
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110 pages; 13 chapters
QuikManeuvers.com presents a rare e-book copy of the
Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual, which became available
in 1944. The
Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual is a very
rare book, and QuikManeuvers.com had to reassemble part
of it that was obtained in tatters. If you ever wondered where
post-war, Twentieth Century America and NATO ever got their
ideas for counter-insurgency warfare; you will discover that
they copied the
Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual. All the
basic tactics that the US Special Warfare School touted as
their own invention in the 1960s and 1970s came from
Germany. However, one of the most important features of the
Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual is that it reveals a
thorough knowledge of how of how Soviet tyranny held
together so many millions of its slaves during WW2. That is
something that the allies have never understood.
Review Table of Contents
"During the winter of 1941-42, the German Army fighting the Soviets on the Eastern Front created independent Jaeger
(light infantry) battalions. These battalions are used as raiding detachments or mop up troops. Soon twenty
Jagdkommando (Hunting commando) battalions were created and deployed against communist guerrillas.
Jagdkommandos are used as fighting reconnaissance and shock troops whose mission is to pursue enemy partisans
without rest. Using guerrilla warfare methods the German light infantry commandos attempt to approach the enemy
undetected and then annihilate them by surprise action. The Jadgkommandos hunted enemy guerrilla bands in areas of
band movement, (1) where the enemy commandeered foodstuffs and (2) the zones through which bands moved on the
way to attack German installations and personnel."
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Excerpt from Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual
Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual - Wehrmacht Tactics Against Red Bands