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Wehrmacht Radio Interception - German Military SIGINT, WW2
Wehrmacht Radio Interception
German Military SIGINT, WW2
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408 pages; 14 chapters and 6 appendices
Wehrmacht Radio Interception may be one of the most important books
available on
WW2. Wehrmacht Radio Interception describes not only the
inner workings of
Wehrmacht (OKW) HQ but also how useful the German
radio interception operations were to the war effort. However, Wehrmacht
Radio Interception
reveals other secrets that most western “historians”
have conspired to keep from the Western masses for almost 70 years.
Wehrmacht Radio Interception presents facts that American “historians”
and “military writers” have suppressed for decades, and are now being
exposed by QuikManeuvers.com. Two important chapters deal with: (1) The
fact that the commander and second in command of
Wehrmacht SIGINT
[signals or radio intelligence] and communications in general, served Soviet
masters throughout the war and brazenly participated in the attempted
murder of Adolph Hitler. (2) The important anti-Soviet contribution of Finnish
intelligence during and after the war (Before Finland was totally infiltrated
and controlled by the communists.)
Wehrmacht Radio Interception will
offer the reader shocks and data obtainable nowhere else.
Review Table of Contents
"Six days before Hitler attacked Poland, because the Polish government refused to terminate the ongoing murders of tens
of thousands of German Poles, something terrible happened to the Third Reich. Major General Erich Fellgiebel, 52, a
member of the German Army Signals branch since he joined a telegraph battalion upon enlisting in 1905, was named
head of the O.K.W. communications organization. Fellgiebel, a covert communist agent of influence, had an important
title. He was Chef, Wehrmachtnachrichtenverbindungen ("Chief, Armed Forces Signal Communications"), or Chef W.N.V.
His superior was the O.K.W. chief, Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, whose only superior was Hitler. Keitel wrote in one of
Fellgiebel’s fitness reports: "In his field a pronounced leader type with foresight, a gift for organization, full energy and
dedication. ... In his attitude towards National Socialism (there is) an inclination to unconsidered over-criticism..." (That
warning by General Keitel should have alerted German patriots to send the Gestapo into an intense, covert investigation
of Fellgiebel, but it never happened.) Fellgiebel supervised all military communications, including communications
security, and intercept operations. His department served as a central clearing house for advising and controlling the
service branches that largely operated the communications and intercept networks for the Army, Navy, and Air Force,
much as the O.K.W. itself advised and directed the service commands. It was the perfect position for a communist traitor
who could use his own covert communications links (without worry of discovery) to not only convey complete reports of all
Wehrmacht plans to his Soviet masters, but to also conduct elaborate sabotage of such operations by utilizing secret
radio nets manned by his criminal menagerie of German Army traitors."
Excerpt from Wehrmacht Radio Interception
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Wehrmacht Radio Interception - German Military SIGINT, WW2