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The Wehrmacht’s Soviet Armies, Third Reich Soviet Volunteers
The Wehrmacht's Soviet Armies
The Third Reich's Soviet Volunteer Armies
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314 pages; 23 chapters and 7 appendixes
The Wehrmacht’s Soviet Armies introduces a series of historical concepts
that have never been seriously described by western publishers. Again,
QuikManeuvers.com is breaking new ground as it reveals the
secrets of
Wehrmacht’s Soviet Armies
. The Wehrmacht’s Soviet Armies describes
the millions of
Soviet subjects, mainly coming straight from the villages, who
volunteered to fight alongside Germany against the hated communist
gangsters who controlled the USSR in 1941. Never before has a book been
available to the American public that describes those legions of Soviet
subjects who threw off their communist slave chains to fight bitterly, to the
death against the most evil regime that ever existed.
The Wehrmacht’s
Soviet Armies
tells the world what America’s pro-communist leftists (so-
called) intelligentsia wants to hide.
The Wehrmacht’s Soviet Armies smacks
aside the huge leftist network of overlapping lies and certified groupthink that
has been manufactured, along with diversion and character assassination, in
order to hide the bloody red truth from the world. If you want to express your
secret anger towards the establishment liars, reach for and ingest,
Wehrmacht’s Soviet Armies.
Review Table of Contents
“As Soviet shock troops of the Red Army waded through the rivers of blood and mounds of their own communist dead on
the Eastern Front, they encountered smaller piles of "German" dead. Most of the non-Soviet battlefield dead wore
German uniforms, although some Axis allies and a minority of Ost troops wore non-German uniforms. Survivors could
have been interrogated and shoulder patches noted by committed commissars as methods of determining if the dead
were German or Ost volunteers. Of course, artillery killed most of the "Germans" and most of what artillery left was
unrecognizable. Yet, many millions of Ost (Eastern or former slaves of the USSR) troops were counted as German when
the dead were counted by communist commissars. One-half or more of “German dead” were probably Ost troops.
Naturally the devious communists wanted to keep that fact secret for a number of reasons that benefited communist
imperialism and it seduction of the world’s college educated ignoramuses.
Although the world may never know just how many Russians fought in German uniforms, it is safe to say that there were
millions of Ost volunteers fighting against the Red Army. It is also safe to say that few of them survived. Yet they were
there, by the millions. They fought in German uniforms and used both German and Soviet weapons to slay millions of Red
Army troops. The former Soviet slaves who fought vodka-maddened red hordes so valiantly were under no illusions. They
knew what would happen to them if they were captured. They knew about the tens of millions of Soviet subjects murdered
by the reds in every decade.
In the summer of 1990, Soviet bestiality, so often denied, was again uncovered.  Soviet citizens found the remains of a
huge Red Army hospital not far from Novgorod. In the ruins were found the remains of thousands of sick and wounded
Red Army patients along with fragments of hospital gowns. Every patient’s skull had a bullet hole in it and the bullets were
from Soviet service revolvers. There was also much evidence that the patients had been shot before the Germans had
reached the site. The hospital was one of thousands of similar atrocities perpetrated by the Red Army and discovered so
frequently by the Germans. Most American “historians” won’t mention that Stalin’s “scorched earth” policy included the
murder of their own wounded before the Germans arrived. The communist masters viewed their human subjects as
economic assets, like factories that must be destroyed lest the Germans use them. Of course they accused the Germans
of enslaving Soviet citizens any way.”
Excerpt from The Wehrmacht’s Soviet Armies

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