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What is a Beautiful Woman - Brave Answers to a Politicized Question
What is a Beautiful Woman
Brave Answers to a Politicized Question
© 2008
273 pages; 11 chapters, 2 appendixes and 1 special study
What is a Beautiful Woman is an e-book that is now at the sharp end in a battlefront
of the
racial-cultural war being fought worldwide. The people who decide “What
is a Beautiful Woman” have abused their privilege in a mad attempt to create in the
world’s collective mind a new image of men and women,
masculine women and
feminine men
. How did a group of psychotic bigots get control of the beauty industry,
including beauty pageants and fashion models?  No one knows, but suddenly male
homosexual control of the beauty industry is a fait accompli. Wherever beauty is
presented for evaluation, ugly masculine transvestites and women, who look like
transvestites, are winning rigged beauty contests and dominating fashion shows. The
evil of the fanatics who are redefining
"What is a Beautiful Woman" is that the
creatures they promote fit only the tastes of a tiny group of raging homosexual power
The world at large prefers
feminine women with curves, facial beauty, and
masculine men. Using the same tactic they used to create societal parasites who are
constantly pimped and promoted above the rest of us based solely on skin color, they
“beauty is subjective, there is no way to measure it, therefore our idea of
beauty is as good as others. In fact, our idea of beauty is better because we make the
ugly beautiful.”
This time the powerful homosexual tyrants are not going to win with the
same old tactics.
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"This pageant reeked of the direct and indirect influence of male homosexuals.  Miss Universe Inc. continues to set up a
façade of a beauty contest.  Donald Trump seriously needs to think about setting up a separate beauty pageant geared
toward the tastes of homosexual men.  This pageant will allow homosexuals to have all the manly women they want without
needing to make the pageant borderline palatable to the general public by having some feminine women thrown in,
featuring some women with breast implants and periodically letting more feminine women emerge top ranked.

When will the first male (transvestite) participant in a major world beauty contest be exposed? At that time you
can expect the homosexual control freaks to scream: “What is beauty? It is relative. Men are the same as women.
So why not have men appear in female beauty contests since they are more beautiful anyway?”
Every one of the above lies is reputed in this book and others of QuikManeuvers.com’s new e-book series:
Cultural War for Beauty and Freedom."
Excerpt from What is a Beautiful Woman

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What is a Beautiful Woman - Brave Answers to a Politicized Question
There are objective measures of beauty and those measures can be used to determine What is a Beautiful Woman.
This e-book is an introduction to the sleazy
cultural war front where those who would utilize ugliness to determine "What is
a Beautiful Woman"
are placed in the spotlight. It is the beginning of the tyrants’ defeat, because they cannot rewrite the
measures of beauty outlined in What is a Beautiful Woman and QuikManeuvers.com’s new e-book series
Cultural War for Beauty and Freedom.