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Winter Warfare, Russian Front - Soviet Eastern Front Winter War
Winter Warfare, Russian Front
Soviet Eastern Front Winter War
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337 pages; 33 chapters ands 1 appendix
Winter Warfare, Russian Front is a unique discussion of Soviet Eastern
Front Winter War
from antiquity through 1945. There is something distinctly
foreboding about combat in very cold conditions wherein the effects of cold,
winter, ice and snow must be factored into every military consideration. Over
the centuries, only one nation has been involved in
winter warfare far more
than all other nations together, Russia or the USSR. That is why
Warfare, Russian Front
is an important e-book. The lessons which are
described with such exciting prose in
Winter Warfare, Russian Front will
convince you or any intelligent reader of just how important the Soviet or
Russian approach to
winter warfare really is.
Review Table of Contents
“During the winter campaign of 1941 on the Eastern Front, a Soviet infantry regiment was surrounded in the woods
along the Volkhov River and, because of German weakness in the area, had to be starved out. After one week,
German reconnaissance patrols met with the same resistance as on the first day; after another week only a few
prisoners were taken, the majority of the reds having fought their way through to their own troops in spite of close
encirclement. According to the prisoners, the Soviets subsisted during those weeks on a few pieces of frozen bread,
leaves and pine needles which they chewed, and some cigarettes. It had evidently never occurred to any of the frozen,
brain-numbed communists to throw in the sponge because of hunger, and the cold (-30 degrees F.) had not affected
them. The clothing and equipment of the Russian infantryman suited his summer as well as winter requirements.”
Excerpt from Winter Warfare, Russian Front
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Winter Warfare, Russian Front - Soviet Eastern Front Winter War