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Women Spies
Women Spies
From the Okhrana to the Abwehr
© 2008
108 pages; 14 chapters
Women Spies is an e- book about female spies from 1905 through 2008. Of
course, such a small book could not hope to precisely describe the many
women spies that actively served the clandestine services for the past 100
years plus. That is why
Women Spies describes some of the most interesting
spies, and focuses upon the
women spies of Czarist Russia’s Okhrana, the
father of the best intelligence agencies now extant. Every method pioneered by
Okhrana is still utilized by the best spy agencies. That is why Women
’ emphasis on Okhrana women spies provides a hard bedrock of
entryism for the student of espionage and spying. There is not much emphasis
Women Spies on the utilization of femme fatales, who gain information by
carnality. Instead, the
predominant outlook, psychology and
professionalism of the vast majority of women spies are examined
this introductory volume. That is not to say that rampant female sexism is not a
solid feature of the
behavior of women spies. However, it is not a crucial
factor among the
best of female spies. Some of the facts related in Women
will surprise you; others will undoubtedly reinforce your own ideas about
the female psyche.
Review Table of Contents
“In interrogating a Soviet female agent, it was necessary to use a humane approach. Her feelings and motives for
engaging in work of this nature had to be examined without prejudice or hostility. A paternal note was used by the
interrogator if she was much younger than he; a note of sincerity and friendliness had to be preserved; she could not be
allowed to forget that her life was at stake. Westerners do not realize the degree to which instinct had developed in the
Russians, particularly in the women. They were accurately and immediately aware of any changes in attitude toward them
and changed their tactics accordingly.
Kindness and respect very often won over the female agent. The Abwehr of the Eighteenth Army succeeded in securing
the services of a Soviet female agent who was arrested in January 1942 while carrying out a mission for the partisans in
Leningrad. Her mission was to establish contact with the wives of Soviet airmen living near the Sibersk airfield. Though
Galja was the daughter of an NKVD officer, she shifted her allegiance willingly to work for the Germans. What won her
over was the kindness of the interrogating officer who interrupted his questioning when she complained of a stomachache
and turned her over to a doctor for treatment. After her health was restored, the interrogation was continued in the same
friendly spirit."
Excerpt from Women Spies
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Women Spies,Femalesof the Okhrana and Abwehr