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World War 2 Axis Interrogation
World War 2 Axis Interrogation
German and Japanese Interrogation
© 2008
146 pages; 10 chapters and 1 appendix
During World War II a multi-layered smokescreen of lies was built up to hide
the truth about
World War 2 Axis interrogation. Hideous propaganda
pictures of uniformed
German and Japanese officers, torturing beautiful
American women, have been presented over and over for over fifty years as the
truth. Such propaganda pictures, the artifacts of a sixty year old war
propaganda machine that continues to spew out hatred decades after the war
has been over, continue to falsely describe
World War 2 Axis Interrogation.
America and England are held captive by seeming self-perpetuating false
propaganda that presents distorted lies about
German and Japanese
. It is time to attack that propaganda machine. World War 2 Axis
is one of the few books that refute decades old lies with truth.
World War 2 Axis Interrogation is only an introductory text, it
presents hard-hitting chapters truthfully describing a variety of
German and
Japanese interrogation methods and tactics
. Yet, World War 2 Axis
will shock the reader by providing him with information he has
never seen before.
Review Table of Contents
“In over 95% of Gestapo interrogation cases, the enemy captive talked without being tortured. The Gestapo
employed cunning psychological methods to wear down their enemy captives. Hard cases were softened up by a
plethora of carefully contrived clues that convinced them a world of pain and maiming was reserved for them, if
they did not talk. Some hard cases were actually dragged past a captive being harshly interrogated. More
frequently, recordings of blood-curdling screams and frightened torture-like sounds would be broadcast through
the interrogation area.
Recently apprehended prisoners were beaten and threatened before most interrogations began. Then they were
told that they would talk sooner or later. It was explained to them that only a fool would allow himself to be
maimed or killed for a few so-called secrets. Pictures of hideously tortured men with their penis blow-torched off
might be shown or described along with the promise of a future without the means for love. Gestapo interrogators
talked about how it would be for a broken wreck of a man to survive the war as an invalid who would spend the
rest of his life, alone, dying from torture that he could easily have avoided. Instead, he should cooperate with the
Gestapo and enjoy a better life. This promise was true; torture would be employed if necessary. However, torture
was seldom necessary because fear was enough.”
Excerpt from World War 2 Axis Interrogation
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World War 2 Axis Interrogation